Sample books can be purchased for $35 + s/h. Email to get one. Our sample books contain a collection of different wallpapers and come in 8.5" by 11" size. These samples will give you a sense of print, paper and graphic quality. Sample books are sent out on Wednesdays by Canada Post or FedEx couriering can be arranged for urgent needs.


Our premium, latex-based inkjet wallcoverings come in 36’’ wide rolls that we digitally print to any square footage. This allows ROLLOUT to minimize waste – and your costs. ROLLOUT delivers ready-to-hang wallpaper, developed to your precise specifications, to your project site.

We recommend hiring a professional wallpaper installer. If you do wish to go-it alone, apply regular wallpaper adhesive to the back of the wallcovering before hanging, and rejoice – unlike traditional wallpaper, ours can be removed quickly, easily and they don’t leave a huge mess behind.


1. What is the difference between digitally printed wallpaper and traditional screened papers?

The major differences between digital printing and traditional screened papers is that digital printing allows for greater versatility, flexibility and do not have the start up costs or minimums that are associated with traditional papers. You are not limited to the selection of colour and pattern options that are available at the wallpaper store. Our papers are printed, on demand where imagery and colours can be changed up until the point of production.

2. What type of paper do you use?

Our papers are a premium, latex-based paper, specifically made for interior design applications.

3. What type of inks do you use, does this affect quality?

We use water-based inks, which are a safer, non-toxic and a more 'eco' choice in inks. Our inks have been rigorously tested on our papers to ensure print longevity, with no noticeable degradation to the image quality. A clear coat can be applied to increase washability and durability. Please contact us for more information.

4. Do more colors increase the cost of the papers?

No. Digital printing allows many colours to be printed at one time, without the need for screens, the cost is not affected.

5. Does the wallpaper have to repeat or can I have a mural?

Digital wallpaper can be printed as a mural style or repeat style, whatever you fancy.

6. Can I hang my own paper?

We always recommend that you hire an expert to hang your papers. If you choose to for-go a hanger, we can supply you with hanging instructions.

7. What is the Fire Rating for your papers?

Our papers are fire rated Class A.

8. Is your product ok for commercial appications?

Our papers meet the stringent standards for commercial wallcoverings. We recommend a clear coat sealant for high-use environments or for spaces that have high levels of sun exposure or friction from continued contact.