Chris Potter from from ScreenLight

Anita met Galen Weston's doppleganger at University in the '90s. Her belief was that after graduation Chris went to Ottawa to be in the Page Program. We found out that this was not the case but rather he has been working on a project with his partners, Richard Keating and Marc Tremblay, called ScreenLight. We now see Chris every second Friday at a ritual meeting of the minds and clinking of glasses, at an event called "Soggy Fridays".


Company/Organization: ScreenLight




Education: University of Calgary, BA
Rotman School of Management, MBA


Describe your work: ScreenLight is an online service that provides a simple, private and centralized way to share videos and collaborate on their production. With this tool, editors, post-production professionals, and agencies can easily share videos, collect feedback, and get projects approved faster.


Inspiration: Inspiration for our service comes from the pain that one of our co-founders, Richard, was experiencing sharing videos with his clients.


Future Projects/Goal: To build our business by helping people save time managing video production projects so that they can spend more time doing what they love.


What is one word that describes your creative style? Latent


How did you get started working with ROLLOUT? ROLLOUT slept on my couch while coming to trade shows in Toronto. They taught me how to make popcorn on my barbecue.


Please list a few cool or inspirational websites you visit and love: - Inspiration on demand.
How to Change the World - Silicon Valley VC and early Apple evangelist that provides great advice for people running their own business. - Guru of permission marketing. - Iím a bit of a productivity nut.
Threadless - I have a weakness for t-shirts.


Can you share any of your secret tips? Take a deep dive into what people want by listening, observing, and always asking why.


What did your parents want you to be instead of creative? My parents encouraged me do do what makes me happy.


Is there a piece of art you wished you had created, and why?: Trans-Am Apocalypse. John Scott engraved the entire Book of Revelations into the muscle carís surface. It seems that the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse needed to upgrade their rides for the modern times.


What gets you excited about tomorrow? The opportunity to try something new.


How would you refer to the current artistic style and mindset you live in today? Hopeful.




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