We met Kaori and Bandit last summer and in a short time collaborated on fun projects and became close friends – we think everyone should have a friend that can make creative and delicious chocolates like these!


Company: Currently an apprentice at The Chocolate Line in Brugge, Belgium


Education: UBC, CANADA: Finance Major, Art History/Fine Arts Minor, University of Warwick, UK: International Finance and Art History studies Tokyo Nodai, JAPAN: Environmental design, landscape architecture and environmental studies Central St Martins, UK: Pattern & Textile design short courses Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, CANADA: Baking and Pastry Professional Arts Diploma Paris, FRANCE: l’Atelier Pierre Hermé de Formation ŕ la Haute Patisserie: Carrément Chocolat Brugge, BELGIUM: Professional Chocolatier Stage/Ambachtelijk Chocoladebewerker: in progress


Describe your work: I make chocolates by hand, and create small illustrations. I like to make things that make people smile from the inside out. From flavor to design, chocolates made with the utmost care, I couldn’t have found a more perfect medium to work with.


Inspirations: Fresh local food markets, handmade anything, vintage textiles, flea markets, Blythe dolls, and BANDIT


Awards or Recognition: The best reward was watching a kid eat my chocolate and say with lip smacking pleasure “yep! that’s the stuff!”


Future Projects/Goals Working on a concept to combine street art and illustration to chocolates.


What is one word that describes your artist style? Sweet.


How did you get started working with ROLLOUT? Contacted via website to link up BANDIT and ROLLOUT.


Please list a few cool or inspirational websites you visit and love:


What resources do you use for creating your work? Chocolate scraper, pallet knife, chocolate moulds, piping bags, marble table and my hands.


Can you share any of your secret tips? I use my gocco machine to create quick stencils to screenprint chocolate!


What did your parents want you to be instead of an artist? Doctor, lawyer, banking: I did one of the 3, and then moved onto something for me.


Is there a piece of art you wished you had created, and why? I can’t wait to design more 3d moulds for chocolate from illustrations. There is so much more that can be done other than the generic chocolate moulds you see out there.


What gets you excited about tomorrow? What new flavor combinations I’ll get to try! At work, we’re working on a fresh oyster vodka ganache in white chocolate, finished as a pearl.


How would you refer to the current artistic style and mindset you live in today? I’m absorbing all the talent around me and tasting and experiencing something new each day so that I can one day produce something unique from a place of love.




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