Custom wallpaper creation and branding have always been the main focus at ROLLOUT, but sometimes we like to envision new additions for your space since, well, we care. The design for our Casey House chair inspired this XO pattern that we used to fashion into prototype cushions to unveil at IDS11. Comfy? Yes. Covered in love? Most definitely.

Reward Yourself Like a General

When Brooklyn-based designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew first approached ROLLOUT about partnering up to print a set of custom medals for an upcoming art show, we couldn't pass up the chance to help bring her iconic imagery to life. Her designs were printed on wallpaper, cut out, and assembled in a few simple steps, and they're quick and easy to create your own. The idea for this project grew from a previous contribution Alissia made to ReadyMade magazine.

LOFTwall and ROLLOUT Partner up to Divide Space with Style

Showcased at Dwell Design 2010, the West Coast's largest design event, New York-based LOFTwall presented a new DIY project panel featuring personalized wall coverings by ROLLOUT in order to compliment their overall design and range of materials.

LOFTwall creates innovative divider partitions for living and workspaces in the form of modular partition walls comprised of aluminum frames and customizable panels - a solution for anyone facing the challenge of dividing space. This partnership first came to fruition during a chance meeting at ICFF. In order to best meet the needs of LOFTwall, ROLLOUT was able to customize the color range and scale, to fit with the scalability and materials of the dividers for this particular project.

To have a look at the custom partition wall, check out the LOFTwall blog.

Fabric Research

Why stop at just the walls? We have recently been applying our designs to a variety of fabrics. Though still in the R&D stage, we are excited with the possibilities we are beginning to discover.

Portable Camera Obscura

What with the hugely popular Old Masters show at the Vancouver Art Gallery and renewed interest in the techniques of painters like Vermeer, the Camera Obscura is enjoying something of a renaissance. ROLLOUT worked with photographer Trudi Lynn Smith (see this month’s featured creative) on the initial planning and research and subsequent materials sourcing for her portable camera obsucura project. Both the photographer and the installation were at Waterton Lakes national park between August 3rd and 11th.

Click here to read more.


These murals are part of our committment to creative collaborations and to beautifying the mental environment of our city and neighbourhood. After ROLLOUT’S recent intensive work at high end events like NYC Fashion week it was a real pleasure for us to bring our practice outside and to let our hair down, have some simple improvisational fun and get paint on our hands once again. This time the community was the client. So if you know anybody who has an outdoor wall space and needs one-of-a-kind artwork, we're all over it.


At this years ICFF, ROLLOUT looks forward to reveal glass wall and floor tile prototypes that take “Parrot Fly”, a design first used in a ROLLOUT wallpaper, and reconfigures the artwork for a new surface medium. The original design is repeated and multiplied in gold and on black tiles, creating mantra like patterns within patterns that become more complex as more tiles are laid down. "Expanding our product offering to include tiles allows us to work our designs throughout walls and floors, in paper and glass, to create dynamic and one-of-a-kind artwork and environments," says Creative Director & Co-founder Jonathan Nodrick. "We are very happy to be working with Interstyle who are helping make this happen."

Tile Photo: Andre Pinces

Offshoots: ROLLOUT X BANDIT Limited Edition Stencil Prints on Wallpaper

ROLLOUT was asked by Julie and Shaun of Made to participate in the second installment of new Canadian design showcase Radiant Dark. This year the show's theme was Elegant Corruptions. We decided to ask our good friend Bandit to give us a hand. Our concept for this commission was based around the sometimes fractious but always symbiotic relationship between artistic practice and the worlds of finance and commerce. We were interested in the ways that artist, especially artists who identify themselves as stencil artists, often gain graphic impact and build artistic reputations by co-opting and critiquing the signs and symbols of financial power. Yet with the rising acceptance and success of stencil artists such as UK artist Banksy, whose graffiti works now sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, the relationship becomes much more complex and intertwined. The artist who has made his name attacking the establishment becomes the establishment.

The final pieces are limited edition 3' x 10' drops of hand stenciled wallpaper. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Offshoots: Custom Gift Wrap

ROLLOUT likes to experiment and this year we’re putting our hands to sprucing up the gift giving season for our most valued customers with our short run series of custom gift wraps. Working with our newest artists Tara Hogan, Laurie Forehand and Joanna Bean we’ve created some beautiful bespoke gift papers that we hope to make available as a permanent ROLLOUT product (service) in the near future. Keep an eye out for a special surprise with your next ROLLOUT wallpaper purchase.


We were able to work with the one and only Dan Planko, providing the graphics from one of our wallpaper designs to add to his fantastic table. On the Fly is made from 12mm Baltic Birch. The slotted table legs and screen printed top fit together without hardware, making it easy to assemble, and ready for any space. On the Fly can be carried to a picnic or impromptu cocktail party because it comes with its own bag.

Available for purchase through Artful Home.

Photo: Rob Gilbert


Due to an overwhelming response to our custom wallpaper created for Worth Clothing, we made the graphic in to limited edition T-shirts. Sorry, all of these shirts are gone. There just might be new designs coming this spring though!

Photo: Rob Gilbert