We met Jonathan through great mutual friends living in a building that resembled Melrose Place. Since getting involved with writing our website copy, e-papers, and other ROLLOUT communication collateral, he has been key in realizing our voice. Part wordsmith, part project bouncing board, and part counsellor, Jonathan makes Friday afternoons in the studio fun.


Company: Jonathan Twilight Orr: Bespoke Wordsmithing Since 1970




Education: BA in Art History with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Graduate of the Capilano College Media program.


Describe your work: I spent the last eight years working in Vancouver’s film and Television industry most recently at the National Film Board of Canada as Programming Coordinator where I had the privilege of working on films like Murray Siple’s documentary Carts of Darkness and producing the experimental film program Edgecode. I recently left the film industry to concentrate on writing and music making. I am working on a number fiction and non-fiction book projects, building a freelance career and making music under the name St Just Vigilantes for UK label Static Caravan.

Best description of my writing and music comes from the press release for our debut album. “Pastor of Oaks, Shepherd of Stones” is a shape-shifting dervish where pop mantras melt into vespers for broken angles and hymns for the dream brigades. It’s a cactus trance of ancient metronomes, ESP murmurs and pomegranate flavoured candy canes”.


Inspirations: Donegal Ireland, Russian Film, Edwardian Horror, Doomcore, Krautrock, Cosmic Disco, Hammer Horror, Umberto Eco, Samuel Beckett, Mervyn Peake, Memonics, the Situationists, Venice, my brother Sean’s photography. Red wine and the woods.


Awards or Recognition: John A. Macdonald scholarship.


St. Just Vigilantes :
September 2009: 7” Vinyl lathe cut single “The Swan’s Evangelist” out on Static Caravan/Black Maps Records.
Spring 2010: LP “Our Books Withstand The Fire” out on Static Caravan Records
Unmarked Electrics: An ongoing mp3 blog and boutique music label.


White Shell Road: A young adult fantasy novel.
Carthusian Acid House: A speculative fiction graphic novel.
How To Speak Hair (with Nicole Lefaivre)
Pocket Symphonies: A History of the Personal Music Device


Prize Home (with Murray Siple): An experimental film about Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition.


What is one word that describes your artist style? Tintinnabulation.


How did you get started working with ROLLOUT? I met Jonathan & Anita when we lived in the same building in Vancouver’s West End. I first began writng for them when I did the press release for the first show of ROLLOUT artist wallpapers at the Alibi Room.


Please list a few cool or inspirational websites you visit and love:


What resources do you use for creating your work? I love the Special Collections section at the Vancouver Public Library.


Can you share any of your secret tips? Read everything.


What did your parents want you to be instead of a creative? As long as I didn’t end up being a policeman or a Republican they were happy.


Is there a piece of art you wished you had created, and why? The film The Color of Pomegranates by Armeinian director Sergei Parajanov. Simply the most beautiful and mesmerizing film of all time.


What gets you excited about tomorrow? The digital rights movement led by the Pirate Party in Sweden who just won two seats in the EU parliament It will be the civil rights movement of this century. Free nets forever.


How would you refer to the current artistic style and mindset you live in today? “Perhaps the mission of those who love mankind is to make people laugh at the truth, to make truth laugh, because the only truth lies in learning to free ourselves from insane passion for the truth.”
- Umberto Eco


Anything else you’d like to add? 1 + 1 = 1



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