Anita came late to design after having spent much of her youth with lab rats while completing a psychology degree. The degree ended being an important asset as it provided a unique perspective on human emotion, ergonomics and how to translate this understanding into strong emotive design work.


Company/Organization: Rollout




Education: BA in Psychology and a Masters in Environmental Design (focus on Industrial Design)


Describe your work:
A mix of girly and punk rock, lots of bold graphics and organic elements.


3D objects and symbols


Awards or Recognition:
Telus New Venture BC Competition - Top 10
Top 10 Websites for Designers - How Magazine
Top 10 "Must See" booths at IDS08 - Globe and Mail
Black Sheep - Modha Family


Future Projects/Goal:
Love to eventually write a book, start making fabric designs and go back to my 3D roots.


What is one word that describes your artist style?
All-over-the-map (thats one word right?)


How did you get started working with Rollout?
Well, I started the company - all by happenstance. We were given a large format printer to start a business around. We tested out papers and inks and applications and finally found a medium that we loved to work with and a gap in the market.


Please list a few cool or inspirational websites you visit and love:


What resources do you use for creating your work?
I like taking 2 seemingly unrelated objects/words and see how they can fit together visually or inventions in one field and see how it could be appropriated in another field.
Walking around or traveling and reading books are always good.
Getting feedback and collaborating are also great resources.


Can you share any of your secret tips?
Here are 2:
1. Read as much as you can, it never gets old and gives you a world of ideas, or lets you escape.
2. Keep a note book or sketch book beside your bed.


What did your parents want you to be instead of a designer?
Doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, computer scientist…





Incendio Murals by Bandit, Kaori Pi, Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick
Baccart by Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick Worth by Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick Mango Shiva - Girls by Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick Mango Shiva - Boys by Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick Parrot Fly by David Hall, Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick Golden Fawn by David Hall, Anita Modha & Jonathan Nodrick



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