Anjo Soria Loots, National Visual Coordinator for Holt Renfrew

At the heart of every creative venture is a mix of energy, originality, and organization. Anjo Soria Loots works effectively as a key player on the Holt Renfrew team, but also manages to strike the delicate balance necessary to see projects through from inception to completion. It was with great pleasure that ROLLOUT got to work up close and personal with our featured creative of the month on custom wallpaper used in a nationwide collection of Holt Renfrew window displays.


Company/Organization: Holt Renfrew




Education: Art Institute of Vancouver for Fashion Marketing and Merchandising


Describe your work: I assist John Gerhardt, Creative Director, and Tracey Peters, National Visual Manager, on our window concepts and any other visual projects in-store, for all stores. I coordinate all prototype sourcing, purchase orders and vendor package deliveries for all prop and display materials. I also liaise with vendors, suppliers, store visual teams and marketing on monthly visual projects.


Inspiration: Art, fashion, music and architecture.


Future Projects/Goal: New York City


What is one word that describes your creative style? Simplicity


How did you get to know ROLLOUT? We were working on a window concept and the idea of wallpaper came up. ROLLOUT had approached us before, and we knew that they could do amazing custom designs for us, hence the connection.


Please list a few cool or inspirational websites you visit and love: 


What resources do you use for creating your work? Looking at runway shows of many designers and taking inspiration from that. Google is always great to research random images! We also have a lot of books at work which are great to look through and find ideas and inspiration from.


Can you share any of your secret tips? I could but then they wouldn't stay secret anymore ;)


What did your parents want you to be instead of creative? My dad wanted me to be an architect and my mom wanted me to be a singer.


Is there a piece of art you wished you had created, and why? I would love to create a Rothko painting or one of my dad’s paintings called: Tanker. Both are amazing.


What gets you excited about tomorrow? That there’s always something new to be working on.


Anything else you’d like to add? The opportunity will come.




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