We are particularly proud to introduce you to the photography of Marcos Armstrong who has worked with us since our inception and whose photos grace our website, press releases, e-papers, and many of our other communications. He has been an absolutely integral part of ROLLOUT’s development. We have known Marcos since first starting out in our creative careers and we have always known him to bring to his work an unshakeably postive approach and a hyper intuitive way of working. Sometimes he knows what we want before we do.


Company/Organization: Marcos Armstrong Photography




Master of Arts, Photographic Preservation & Collections Management - Ryerson University, Toronto
B.A. Communications - University of Calgary, Alberta


Describe your work:
I photograph interiors, exteriors and objects, with an attention to the aesthetic and functional elements of space. I think of my photographs as a collaborative effort between me and the designer.


Our surroundings, our stories, film sets and locations, travel, liminal spaces, urban planning, lighting, architecture, graphic and interior design, the internet, print media, and my partner.


Awards or Recognition:
Published in BC Home, featured in Black Book Raw Top Fifty 2008.


Future Projects/Goal:
To combine my love for travel with interior and architectural photography.


What is one word that describes your artist style?


How did you get started working with ROLLOUT?
Photographing some residential and commercial spaces in which they had featured wall art.


Please list a few cool or inspirational websites you visit and love:
Desire to Inspire
New York Times – Home & Garden
Apartment Therapy
The Strobist – Lighting Guide
DP Review


What resources do you use for creating your work?
Collaboration, feedback, new ideas and technology.


Can you share any of your secret tips?
I always carry a notebook to jot down ideas as they come, and be present, spontaneous and open.


What did your parents want you to be instead of a designer?
They wanted me to be happy, whatever I was doing.


What gets you excited about tomorrow?
The unknown possibilities.


How would you refer to the current artistic style and mindset you live in today?
Traveling in one place; I attempt to live every day and photograph each space as though I am a traveler passing through.
My current style is graphic, all about the lighting. I try to discover the harmony and serenity that exists within each space.





Joey's Bentall One Plenty Hébert Residence Grub Mark-it


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