ROLLOUT Breaks New Ground With QRious Paper at The Design Exchange (DX) in Toronto

During a recent visit to DX, ROLLOUT had the opportunity to present our approach to re-envisioning the experience of museum visitors through the integration of media-rich technology with the newly launched QRious wallpaper.

This new series uses QR codes, that when scanned with cell phone cameras, link to websites we draw daily inspiration/information from. Many newer mobile phones have built-in cameras that are able to scan and read QR codes, and applications such as QR App can be downloaded for phones that have cameras that aren’t set-up for this capability. For more information on how this technology works click here.

Photos above: Victoria Grottick and Daniela Mason

Historically, barcodes and QR codes were used to create an easier method for tracking consumer products by giving each one a SKU and scanning it at the time of purchase. With QRious, the same functional system is being used to offer a media experience with more depth—one that extends a glimpse into our creative process by allowing a direct link between print and web media.

The popularity of the QR code in Japan has large implications for where this technology and product will take us, allowing for up-to-date information retrieval within a matter of seconds. Along with this research, ROLLOUT was also able to present our vision of the inherent beauty of objects and environments where the aesthetics are determined by functionality. This press presentation was done alongside "Bent Out of Shape", the current exhibit at the Design Exchange, which chronicles Canadian industrial design from 1945 to present and includes work by the likes of Brothers Dressler and Douglas Ball. The exhibit runs now until October 10th, 2010 and has already been featured on Fast Company's design blog.

Photo above: Victoria Grottick

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