A Fresh Customization for the Personal Training Doctrine of EJ ELEMENTS

This project first began with a chance meeting at a wedding, and soon developed into an opportunity for ROLLOUT to showcase our seasoned expertise in communication design, resulting in a cohesive branding system that serves to unify the entire visibility of EJ ELEMENTS.

EJ ELEMENTS is a new approach to fitness and overall being that incorporates mind, body and soul, in order to help clients reach their goals and live life to the fullest. The EJ team is positive and enthusiastic, and their ideology is focused on community building through events, charity and a responsive support system. This ever-evolving company is consistently adding new efforts to their programming, which means that their branding system needed to have a fluid identity that works for a variety of initiatives, while maintaining a synthesized aesthetic sensibility.

With these considerations in mind, ROLLOUT integrated an overriding theme of the periodic table, a visual that is used to provide a framework in order to classify, compare, and educate on the different forms of chemical behavior—traits that are also integral to the focus of EJ ELEMENTS. Each section in this table is represented by an element symbol and atomic number, which carry throughout every aspect of the branding package including the logo and identity system, website and blog, canvas prints, class schedules, signage, clothing, marketing materials, stationery, and branded products.

With a focus on energy and strength, the newly launched visual identity of EJ ELEMENTS highlights what the company does best—helping you to reach your unlimited potential, one goal at time.

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