The Softer Side of Worth for BL Jewellery

When the owner of BL Jewellery first contacted ROLLOUT with an interest in a customized version of our Worth wallpaper design for her Yellowknife shop, we reveled in the opportunity to utilize our unique blend of design sensibilities in order to create this bespoke addition to her retail space.

While the original design was a combination of punk rock, granny, and brothel themes that was intended to complement the urban chic sensibilities of the high-end Canadian Worth Clothing boutique, the BL Jewellery variation needed to tie in an element of femininity while also speaking to their line of delicate jewellery and gifts. With this in mind, ROLLOUT introduced a cameo design in place of the x-ray skull, tailored the scrollwork around the cameo image, and incorporated overall hues of muted pinks and greys. The result was one of refined grace—a modern approach to an elegant classic.

Due to the exceptional combination of Communication and Industrial design knowledge that makes up the ROLLOUT design team, not only are we able to create bespoke products for our clients, but we are also able to customize projects like this BL Jewellery wallpaper, which serves to highlight the unlimited potential of our studio capabilities from a customization standpoint.

Both the Worth and BL Jewellery wallpaper designs were a main focus in the ROLLOUT feature on the Steven and Chris show with Jamey Ordolis. In this segment, the audience was introduced to our designs in order to highlight the adaptability of our resources from an online DIY perspective, while also focusing on the approachable nature of our boutique design services. Click here to see the segment.

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